Antenna switch matrices

Stack of RF switches

We design and build customized antenna switch matrices for radio monitoring purposes. In order to determine the best solution for your needs, we need to know the following:

Constructively we prefer using readily available RF modules, interconnected with semi-rigid coaxial cables. This provides a very good separation between the RF path and the communications/control electronics, minimizing all possible interferences. The switch matrices built like that typically achieve isolation above 65dB between grouped inputs in the matrix (selected by the same switch) and over 95dB for inputs in different groups.

For remotely controlled switches, through serial port or LAN, we provide a very intuitive control application and full documentation of the protocol for integrating in other applications. Switches with LAN connectivity usually come with LCD display with touchscreen, also allowing local control and providing a simple way of setting the network parameters.

Detailed information is provided for the following models:

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